• Wed 4 April • Make a Fish • Craft Session - We will be running a crafty session straight after ‘A Heart at Sea’. Make a decorative sea creature to move around and puppeteer yourself! Dorchester Art’s Participation Officer Megan will be on hand to help... Read More »
  • Thurs 31 May • Crafty Dinosaurs! • Workshop - Feeling inspired by the theatre show, Stones & Bones or perhaps the recent visit of Dippy to our County Town? Join Megan our participation officer, as you get involved in some crafty prehistoric fun! Dress... Read More »
  • Sat 2 June • Tenebrae: Workshop - In connection with the Spanish Glories… concert the same evening, this is a tremendous opportunity (at a very accessible price) to work with Tenebrae’s Artistic Director, Nigel Short. Following the workshop in the Town Hall... Read More »
  • Sat 16 June • Sing Gregorian Chant workshop - Sing Gregorian Chant workshop: Put Out Into The Deep – Chant for St Peter, Apostle and Fisherman John Rowlands Pritchard This workshop is a chance to experience Gregorian chant in a friendly context. The course... Read More »