Fri 7 & Sat 8 September • Tipping Point • by James Cuthill and Vince Jones (CJ Productions)

  • Corn Exchange
  • Fri 7 & Sat 8 September
  • Fri 7: 19.30, Sat 8: 14.30 & 19.30
  • Accessible **
  • Suitability: All
  • £12 / £10

During the course of her first day at Grimley Recycling Centre, a young apprentice challenges and influences the individuals she meets, questioning personal relationships, honesty, truth and trust. Each of the individuals has reached a personal tipping point and the play explores how they are dealing with their changing circumstances.

Skillfully acted by a cast made up of local Dorset talent, this uplifting story of strength in the face of change will leave you with a strong sense of what it is to be a human being.

Proceeds from this production will be donated to Julia’s House Children’s Hospice and Dorchester Arts.

The Cast

The cast has been selected from a rich source of local talent.  Rob and Kitty Sansom are both members of Dorchester Drama and the New Hardy Players as is Tom Horsington.  Kitty is a product of the Dorchester Youth Theatre.  James Cuthill has performed with Dorchester Drama and The Martinstown Players as has Sarah Hayes and Tony Parkinson has taken leading roles in Wimborne Drama Productions. Rowen Seymour is an active member of the Dorchester Community Play Association and has performed in a variety of local productions.  Emma Hill has acted, directed, choreographed and written for a number of theatre groups as well as organizing and delivering theatre workshops. Emma is also directing this production.

Julia’s House

A percentage of the proceeds from the production will be donated to Julia’s House Children’s Hospice.  There is a strong connection between the story line and a children’s hospice and it would seem fitting for this connection to benefit this Dorset based charity.

CJ Productions

CJ Productions is a local drama group formed by James Cuthill and Vince Jones.  They have worked together on stage in a number of productions but this is their first writing venture together.

Vince has written and directed a number of pantomimes and plays and also co-written and directed a musical based on the 1943 evacuation of Tyneham.

** For full accessibility details, please contact Dorchester Arts’ box office 01305 266926